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The career move you’ve been looking for

Have you got the experience? We’re bringing together the best people in the business, from rock face to boardroom and research lab to local community.

In return we offer you an incredible career opportunity. You’ll join a network of industry leaders. You’ll receive access to a range of exciting learning opportunities. And above all, you’ll see the real difference your expertise can make.

Leadership academy

The Anglo American Leadership Academy's aim is to develop leaders who will re-imagine mining to improve people’s lives.

We want to create a vibrant, robust leadership community to collectively realise our Purpose, developing leaders who will build a sustainable future for our employees and the communities we serve, ensuring the safety of our people and delivering industry-leading margins and returns.

Our programmes

Six programmes aimed at different levels in the organisation will be on offer to help develop our leaders across the business, underpinned by programmes that focus on Operational Leadership Excellence.


Achievers extract their personal and interpersonal skills and, with business acumen, prospect ways to function effectively with impact.

To function effectively in the contemporary world of sustainable mining, Achievers are required to build their personal and interpersonal skills, alongside business acumen, in order to make an impactful contribution to Anglo American.


Accelerators are managers with valuable skills and knowledge to lead excellence in a global mining company and contribute to the delivery of our Purpose.

Our industry was built by pioneers who used their minds, hands and hearts to extract value from the earth. Accelerators are managers with valuable skills and knowledge to lead excellence in a global mining company and contribute to the delivery of Anglo American’s Purpose.


Connect will provide an opportunity for leaders to engage with future-focused content and future business challenges, whilst building rich networking opportunities with fellow delegates and senior leadership.

To build a sustainable future Anglo American needs to build leaders who can connect and own the future of Anglo American. Connect creates leaders who are excited to build, rising to a new level of demand and performance.


GameChangers, the Anglo American Sustainability Leadership Programme will develop informed, skilled and effective managers who can lead ambitious change to respond to social, environmental and economic challenges in ways that create long term value for stakeholders and deliver results in line with Anglo American’s Purpose, values, strategy and Burning Ambition.

Driving sustainability will enable Anglo American to continue improving people’s lives. GameChangers will create leaders who have the necessary knowledge and capabilities to appreciate the complexities of their business environment in order to make well-informed decisions.


FutureShapers aim to expand value through effective strategic execution; leverage financial performance, inspiring talent and catalysing change.

Innovation, safety and sustainability all influence Anglo American’s Purpose. FutureShapers aim to expand value through effective strategic execution, leveraging financial performance, inspiring talent and catalysing change. FutureShapers will create value by uniting to shape social, community and customer commitments.


Re-Inventors will focus on setting strategy, shaping the industry, leveraging an ecosystem perspective, creating strategic external partnerships and driving innovation investment.

As the mining industry faces many challenges, Anglo American needs to create leaders with strategic focus and a collective, competitive approach to addressing critical business growth issues.

Led by global thought leaders, Re-Inventors will focus on strategic external partnerships, setting strategy, shaping the industry, and driving innovation investment.