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We view every candidate as potentially being a future colleague, so we understand that the recruitment process is a two-way decision-making process; it is an opportunity for you to find out about Anglo American and an opportunity for Us to find out about You.

Our aim is to give you an insight into, and an understanding of, our organisation and what makes us unique. Throughout the recruitment process we will ensure that:

You are treated well

  • You are treated fairly, respectfully and with integrity as an individual.
  • You are made to feel welcome.
  • You are kept informed in a timely manner at each stage of the recruitment process.
  • You can meet your future colleagues and ask them questions during the interview process.
  • You are given information and access to key individuals to ensure you have made the right decision to apply and potentially join us.
  • You are given information and access to key individuals that allows you to make an informed decision about joining us.
  • Your information and data are treated confidentially, and in accordance with all legal requirements.

We act fairly

  • We take a long-term view when making recruitment decisions – as well as looking at your skills and capabilities for the role today, we look at how we can partner with you for the roles of tomorrow.
  • We build meaningful relationships with Candidates who meet current and future talent needs.
  • We make recruitment decisions based on merit.
  • Even if you are not successful, we hope you will have gained an insight into our organisation and had the opportunity to learn more about yourself in the process.
  • We will make the adjustments to meet your disability requirements to ensure you are able to participate fully in the process.
  • We make inclusive hiring decisions aligned to our commitment to inclusion and diversity and will make an effort to accommodate your needs.
  • As our valued candidate, we will strive to listen to, understand and reflect your needs throughout our recruitment process. Our aim is to provide you with a quality service that you will want to recommend to others.