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Including You is our approach to ensure everyone can bring the best of themselves to the recruitment process.

Embrace Diversity

We embrace the value that inclusion and diversity brings to our organisation. We believe in equality of opportunity where everyone can fulfil their potential. We want colleagues to feel valued, respected and feel able to bring their whole selves to work.

Fair chance

We will ensure all colleagues (including future colleagues) have a fair chance to compete for roles, removing any barriers to equity.

Inclusive candidate pools

We create inclusive and diverse candidate pools, providing access to strong talent in the market. We proactively ensure diversity in our selection pools especially in countries with underrepresented groups.

Diverse selection panels

Our selection panels are diverse to ensure the diversity of thinking, experience and mindset are embraced.

Inclusive leadership

All interviewers must have attended inclusive leadership training as well as interview skills training. Awareness training on other diversity aspects e.g. disability is also preferred as well as an understanding of the inclusion and diversity strategy. Interviewers are our brand ambassadors.


We commit to making every stage of the recruitment process accessible.

Long-term view

We take a long-term view when making selection decisions based upon skills, capability and merit. Making decisions based on objective data helps eliminate biases and enables the recruiting process to produce more consistent, reliable, and high-quality colleagues.