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Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIP) are a low cost, convenient way to use your cash dividends to increase your investment in Anglo American plc.

  • Simple and low cost way to increase your shareholding
  • No cheques to bank and no risk of cheques getting lost in the post
  • Easy to sign up to

Shareholders on the UK register

Equiniti Financial Services Limited (“Equiniti”) offer a DRIP for shareholders on the UK register.

Further information on the Equiniti DRIP, including an application form and the latest Terms and Conditions can be found on www.shareview.co.uk/Products/Pages/applyforadrip.aspx.

They are also available under related downloads.

Shareholders on the South Africa register

Link Market Services South Africa (Pty) Limited (“Link”) offer a DRIP for shareholders on the South Africa register.

An application form for the Link DRIP and the latest Terms and Conditions are available under related downloads.

Alternatively, details are available on request from Equiniti or Link (see registrars for contact details).