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What is platinum used for?

Platinum’s diverse range of applications make it one of the most valued materials in the world today.

It is widely used in jewellery, due to its purity, resistance to fading and ability to hold jewels securely.

Platinum and other platinum group metals (PGMs) enable catalytic converters to strip pollutants from car exhaust gases, and demand for PGMs from the car industry continues to grow as emissions regulators become ever more stringent.

Platinum has a great range of other uses in the chemical, electrical, medical, glass and petroleum industries. And with rising concern about environment and energy costs, there’s growing interest in platinum fuel cells as an alternative energy source.

Our business

Anglo American is a leading producer of PGMs, essential metals for cleaning vehicle exhaust emissions and as the catalyst in electric fuel cell technology.

Our PGM business

We own and operate three mining complexes in South Africa’s Bushveld complex, including Mogalakwena – the world’s largest open-pit PGMs mine, Amandelbult and Mototolo, as well as the Unki mine, in Zimbabwe.

In South Africa, we also own smelting and refining operations which treat concentrates from our wholly owned mines, our joint venture operations and third parties.

We are optimising and reconfiguring our portfolio.

Once complete, we will have a ‘best in class’ core operating footprint at the Mogalakwena and Amandelbult mines in South Africa and Unki in Zimbabwe, alongside our joint venture interests in Bafokeng-Rasimone, the Mototolo mine and Modikwa mine in South Africa.

Also in South Africa, we own smelting and refining operations which treat platinum concentrates, not only from our wholly owned mines, but also from our joint venture partners and third parties.

We are committed to developing the market for platinum group metals (PGMs) and invest both directly and through our PGM Development Fund. We are also a major participant in the Platinum Guild International (PGI) which plays a key role in supporting and growing the platinum jewellery market. Meanwhile, new technology and legislation continue to drive demand for platinum metals in the car industry – both through use of auto catalysts and through increased use of fuel cells.


Chris Griffith

CEO of Platinum

Chris Griffith

CEO of Platinum

B Eng (Mining) Hons, Pr Eng, CEO of Platinum since September 2012


Chris is a member of the Group Management Committee (GMC).

Chris joined Platinum where he progressed from shift supervisor to become one of the youngest general managers in the company at that time. He was previously chief executive of Kumba Iron Ore between 2008 and 2012 and prior to this, Chris...

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