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We are a long-established, respected mining company with a clear public commitment to sustainability. This commitment extends to a wide range of stakeholders including our employees, communities, customers and shareholders.

It also requires us to demonstrate that our supplier relationships are transparent, fair and capable of meeting societal needs and that we practise responsible sourcing.

All suppliers are expected to:

  • Protect health and safety
  • Protect our environment
  • Respect labour and human rights
  • Increase social accountability
  • Conduct business fairly and with integrity

We encourage suppliers to integrate the principle of ‘Zero Harm’ to people, society and our environment into their daily activities.

Supplier requirements

At minimum, suppliers are expected to comply with all relevant laws.

We further expect suppliers to:

  1. Commit to Responsible Sourcing
    Every supplier to Anglo American will be required to comply with relevant laws and commit to Responsible Sourcing requirements as a pre-condition to supply.
  2. Complete a Self-Assessment Questionnaire
    Suppliers will be required to complete and regularly update a self-assessment questionnaire (SAQ). This will be provided at supplier registration and for sourcing events.
  3. Provide evidence of, or conduct a 3rd Party audit: 
    On a sample basis, suppliers may be required to provide evidence of previous Responsible Sourcing audits, or be requested to conduct a new, 3rd party audit. 
  4. Manage your risk
    We expect suppliers to develop realistic plans to address legal, business and sustainability related risks.

Suppliers must ensure progressive implementation of responsible sourcing practices within their organisation and supply chains, this includes agents, intermediaries, contractors and suppliers.

Suppliers should consider appropriate Policies and practices to avoid and manage risk. This should include training of employees and business partners.

For more information please contact us RS@angloamerican.com.

Responsible sourcing downloads*


Responsible Sourcing Standard for Suppliers - English


Responsible Sourcing Standard for Suppliers - Portuguese


Responsible Sourcing Standard for Suppliers - Spanish


Frequently Asked Questions on Responsible Sourcing


Sample Self-Assessment Questionnaire


*Documents for download are currently only available in English, we will be updating this site to include other languages in the near future.