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Sustainable change for our communities

They are the places our people call home, our closest neighbours, and stewards of the land entrusted to us.

We work with local governments, community leaders, and NGOs to contribute to community needs: from housing and infrastructure to healthcare, education and recreation.

That's why one of the three global pillars of our Sustainable Mining Plan is Thriving Communities (the other two are Trusted Corporate Leader and Healthy Environment).

The Anglo American Social Way defines our governing framework for social performance and reflects evolving international standards and best practice.

Global Stretch Goals


Our vision

Our vision is for all children in host communities to have access to excellent education and training.

Educating future generations

We have a number of programmes in education and development, from schools through to tertiary institutions, along with as programmes targeted at building skills and leadership capability.

We develop skills in mining as well as non-mining-related sectors, and provide basic literacy and numeracy to our employees, contractors and community members through adult basic education and training programmes.

The programmes include the Anglo American South Africa Education Programme, in partnership with the Department of Basic Education.

The programme focuses on 100 early childhood development (ECD) sites local to our operations, as well as a "Whole School" systemic approach for 100 primary and secondary schools in these areas. All of these schools are "no-fee" schools. In other words, the communities in which they are located do not have the means to pay school fees, and therefore the schools simply don’t have the resources that many other schools do.

Health & well-being

Our vision

Our vision is for the SDG targets for health to be achieved in all our host communities.

Prioritising health and well-being in our communities

Our activities to promote healthcare include investments in strengthening health systems in our neighbouring communities, as well as activities aimed at supporting healthcare in developing countries more broadly.

South American

In Brazil, we partnered with NGO, Reprolatina, to provide health services to more than 63,000 people over the last eight years, making a real difference to lives within the region.

Iron Ore Brazil also continues to diversify its community health programme, including improving the health infrastructure in local municipalities, monitoring health indicators, providing training for healthcare professionals, as well as educating people about TB control, alcohol and drug dependency, diabetes and hypertension, and sexual and reproductive health.

In Chile, we’re working with INTA, the national institution for nutrition, on a pilot project to help reduce childhood obesity.

South Africa

South African

In South Africa, our healthcare activities focus on delivering quality healthcare services to local communities in the region.

In the areas surrounding Kumba Iron Ore’s Sishen and Kolomela operations, the Ulysses Gogi Modise clinic provide primary healthcare services to contractors and communities. We’re also delivering important services to remote communities that don’t have access to healthcare facilities through our Batho Pele Mobile clinics.

Kumba’s Kolomela mine has developed a high-tech trauma care unit which plays a valuable role in being able to accommodate and stabilise the sick and injured before they are transported to medical facilities that can provide definitive care, which are at least 200 kilometres away. In 2017, the trauma unit attended to 100 people, while 3,500 people visited the primary healthcare clinic next to the trauma unit.

South America

Socio-economic assessment toolbox(Seat)


Our vision

Our vision is shared, sustainable prosperity in our host communities.

How we’re engaging with our communities

We tackle community engagement with a focus on delivery. Applying our industry-leading Socio-Economic Assessment Toolbox (SEAT), which is currently being updated. SEAT shows us how our operations affect each community. We can then engage with them more openly and more effectively.

The Social Way

Our new integrated Social Way Management System sets out our approach to social performance.

Creating sustainable value

Generating local growth

Working with host communities to sustain local growth remains an evergreen mission of our business.

Through socio-economic development (SED), we help to secure the ongoing transformation that's required to achieve that goal.

From local procurement, training and recruitment, to SMEs, and corporate social investment, we work with NGOs, governments and local communities to ensure long-term and sustainable economic growth and social progress.

Our efforts are fully aligned to our host communities’ own aspirations and host government priorities. And that means moving beyond our own supply chain.

Support new business and local organisations

Support new business and local organisations

We support new businesses, local organisations and encourage innovation through our socio-economic development strategy with the aim of strengthening local markets and making civil society more resilient and proactive. Find out more in our Sustainability Report 2018.

We see our socio-economic development initiatives as interdependent, falling within two distinct systems covering both market and public-sector performance.

Read our Sustainability Report 2018

Partnering with government, local companies, banks and NGOs

We help improve market performance in host communities with a focus on local procurement, enterprise development and local employment.

At the same time, we support the public sector to build infrastructure, working with governments, NGOs, charities, schools and hospitals.

Robust and stable development requires more than our contribution, it requires resilient and effective long-term partnerships built on trust. We have a powerful role to play in maximising the power of our core business in favour of development to ensure long term socio-economic progress.

Socio-economic development programmes

To stimulate local economies, we promote local and inclusive procurement initiatives, enterprise and supplier development, and youth and workforce development.

These programmes create a strong platform for job creation within and outside the mining value chain.

Crescer, Brazil

‘Crescer’ meaning ‘to grow’ in Portuguese, is our enterprise development programme in Brazil. Working with Technoserve, we are focused on supporting entrepreneurs in the areas around our Minas-Rio iron ore operation.

Crescer, Brazil

Emerge, Chile

In partnership with Fondo Esperanza and Technoserve, we’ve supported more than 50,000 entrepreneurs and small-to-medium sized businesses.

Emerge, Peru

Building on Peru’s sophisticated micro-credit sector, our enterprise development programme helps SMEs get access to capital. The scheme is focused on supporting businesses in the Moquegua region of southern Peru.

Tokafala, Botswana

In partnership with the Government of Botswana, De Beers and Debswana, we set up this programme to support up to 5,600 jobs and foster the growth of up to 1,000 small-to-medium sized businesses. It aims to help Botswana leverage the power of the mining sector to diversify its economy.

Zimele, South Africa

Our flagship scheme empowers black entrepreneurs to start their own or grow their existing businesses. We’ve now funded 1,885 businesses, which have employed over 38,000 people.

Social and labour plans

Our Social and Labour Plans summarise the future for each site’s local communities, and can be found here:


Goedehoop Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Greenside Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Isibonelo Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Kleinkopje Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Kriel Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Landau Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Mafube Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


New Denmark Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


New Vaal Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


Zibulo Colliery Social and Labour Plan 2015-2019


De Beers

Voorspoed Mine Social and Labour Plan 2013-2017


Venetia Mine Social and Labour Plan 2013-2017


Kumba Iron Ore

Kolomela Mine Social and Labour LED Extract 2015-2019


Sishen Mine Social and Labour Plan LED Extract 2016-2020


Thabazimbi Mine Social and Labour Plan LED Extract 2016



Rustenburg Platinum Mines Social and Labour Plan 2015 (including PSA)


Rustenburg Platinum Mines Social and Labour Plan 2015 (excluding PSA)


Rustenburg Platinum Mines Social and Labour Plan (2010)


Amandelbult Mine Social and Labour Plan (2015)


Amandelbult Mine Social and Labour Plan (2010)


Mogalakwena Mine Social and Labour Plan (2017)


Mogalakwena Mine Social and Labour Plan (2015)


Mogalakwena Mine Social and Labour Plan (2010)


Twickenham Project Social and Labour Plan (2017)


Twickenham Project Social and Labour Plan (2010)


Union Mine Social and Labour Plan (2010)