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Mark Cutifani

Chief Executive

“Society is facing the greatest threat to global health in a century. Safety is at the heart of all that we do at Anglo American, and we are doing all that we can to safeguard our people and their families from the spread of COVID-19, while also providing support to our host communities and countries where it’s most needed.

“Across our operations we have implemented all the appropriate health, hygiene and distancing measures aimed at protecting our colleagues’ safety and health, while also responding to our local communities’ needs by continuing to provide many essential services. We are maintaining the security and integrity of our assets and the supply of essential raw materials to customers, preserving our ability to return operations to normal levels as swiftly as possible when appropriate. We want to ensure we are ready to support what will be a crucial economic recovery phase for the countries in which we operate and the global economy.”

“We are a global mining company, with a longstanding commitment as a leader in responsible mining and we have a vital role to play in delivering support to our host communities throughout this difficult time. The broad-based economic and social contribution that mining makes cannot be underestimated, particularly so in the safe and efficient functioning of our host communities.

“In addition to these continuing benefits and the essential services that we provide in many communities, we are also responding directly with additional support aimed squarely at the health and economic effects of COVID-19. These additional measures are tailored to the specific needs of our host communities and include providing additional hospital facilities, beds, medical equipment and PPE, while also providing accommodation to health professionals. We are continuing to increase and broaden our monetary and in-kind support as conditions and needs evolve.

“Throughout this global pandemic, we are guided by our Purpose and we are staying true to our values. Consistent with the extended breadth of our support to local and regional communities, I would like to thank our colleagues across the globe for their continued hard work and dedication to stay safe, fit and healthy during these challenging times.”

Our approach

Our priorities are the safety and health of all our people and the continuity of our business during this challenging time.

Our response to COVID-19 is led by a designated team within Anglo American, which is continually monitoring the situation across our operating countries and meeting regularly to update our decisions in response to the disease.

Across our business as a whole, our approach is to take measures to help safeguard our people from the spread of COVID-19, while ensuring we are able to continue the day-to-day business of Anglo American.


Our employees are at the heart of our business and we’ve taken decisive, wide-ranging measures that are stringently applied to protect both the health and well-being of them and their families.

Our people and their families are naturally worried about COVID-19, and the impact that government measures to control it will have on their livelihoods. While the commercial impacts of this crisis will likely be significant for many businesses, we are doing all that we can to insulate our employees during this period.

To that end, we have implemented an extensive health awareness and support programme called “WeCare”, specifically to protect the health and wellbeing of our more than 90,000 employees and full-time contractors around the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of this programme, we are helping colleagues better understand how to protect themselves and others from catching the virus, monitoring their health to pick up early symptoms, and to manage their health if they test positive for COVID-19. 

Community Response Plans

In order to provide the most effective and relevant support to our communities, we have designed a Community Response Plan (CRP) to guide site teams as to the initiatives that should be undertaken to support their host communities. The CRP has been developed by engaging with our communities, traditional and faith leaders, and government agencies to understand their identified needs and ensure we provide the right support at the right time, both during the pandemic and into the vital economic recovery phase. We have produced guidance for our operations on how best to respond and have made this publicly available for other companies to use (https://socialway.angloamerican.com/).

Our direct response to address the effects of COVID-19 is tailored to the specific and most urgent needs of our host communities and countries, recognising their very different socio-economic factors. The main elements of our response are set out in this blog

Safeguarding our people and supporting our communities

Learn more about our response to COVID-19 in our blog.

Read our blog

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