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Our values

Our strategy provides the roadmap for our business, and our values guide our behaviours while on the journey. These six values form the blueprint for our way of working:

Zero harm

Our goal

Operating safely, sustainably, and responsibly is integral to our business strategy. Our aim is to continually build and instill both a company and industry culture that protects people from harm.

We believe that none of our people should be injured or contract illness while at work.

Taking care of our people is at the core of what we do. By using effective risk management and resilient management systems, we believe the goal of Zero Harm for occupational health is achievable.

These documents provide more information on our approach to safety:


The Safety, Health and Environment [SHE] Way – English


The Safety, Health and Environment [SHE] Way – Spanish


The Safety, Health and Environment [SHE] Way – Portuguese


Anglo American Group HIV/AIDS Policy


The Anglo American Safety Golden Rules


The Anglo American Fatal Risk Standards


Occupational Health: Three Guiding Principles

To reach this goal, our efforts to combat occupational health risks are guided by three principles:

We believe that all occupational illnesses are preventable.


We learn by assessing and monitoring exposure and surveillance of occupational disease incidence to prevent further harm.


We apply common, simple and non-negotiable standards in everything we do.

Framework of measures and processes

The three guiding Occupational Health principles are supported by a framework of measures and processes.

For example, common dangers to health, such as noise, inhalable hazards, musculoskeletal disorders and fatigue, all have mandatory technical standards at our sites. These standards include requirements for risk assessments, education and training, application of controls, and monitoring and review.

At our sites, the focus is on reducing exposure to health hazards at the source through good engineering practice and rigorous maintenance of controls. Our standards go beyond legal compliance.

To support all these efforts, dangers to health are clearly communicated at all our sites.

Human rights

Protecting our people’s human rights

At Anglo American, we’ve always been committed to the highest standards of working, especially when it comes to human rights.

Our commitment is expressed through our:

We also outline our commitment to an ethical value chain that includes respecting human rights and is free of modern slavery in our UK Modern Slavery Act statement.

Inclusion and diversity

Inclusion and diversity

Tackling the gender pay gap

At Anglo American, we promote an inclusive and diverse environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are, and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential

We’re proud of our already diverse workforce but understand that we need to do more to create a truly inclusive organisation.

Women have historically been under-represented in the mining industry and challenges remain in hiring qualified women into senior roles where significant engineering experience is required. This means that the deficit of women across our organisation is further accentuated at senior levels.

Visit our Gender Pay Gap Report - UK page

Making sure everyone is included

We’re proud to be a truly global business which brings together people from all backgrounds.

Our commitment to promoting workforce diversity includes extending opportunities to women at all levels across the company, achieving our transformation targets in South Africa, and providing appropriate opportunities for differently abled employees.

Everyone, together

At Anglo American, we promote an inclusive and diverse environment where every colleague is valued and respected for who they are, and has the opportunity to fulfil their potential. The diversity, and unique contribution, of every colleague is prized by inclusive leaders who demonstrate empowerment, accountability, courage, humility and visible commitment.

We are working to ensure that all colleagues are valued and respected and feel able to bring their whole selves to work.

An adaptable, involving, fair and supportive workplace exists through equitable workplace polices, systems and practices, mentoring and coaching, securing and developing the diverse talent required now and into the future and employee networks.

  • In the UK, we now have Real You (an LGBT+ network), Enabling You (a network for those with physically disabilities, learning difficulties and mental health issues), Women:@CHT (a women's network), and You Care (for those with caring responsibilities);
  • In South Africa, WoMINE (a women’s network) and Real You South Africa have been launched;
  • In Singapore and Australia, we have inclusion and diversity networks newly established; and
  • In Chile and Brazil, work is underway to establish both a Women’s network and an Enabling You network in each location.

A safe, effective and enabling environment created for all stakeholders through ‘Living with Dignity’ programmes, appropriately adapted facilities, a trusted ‘Speak Up’ whistleblowing service, driving inclusive practices with all contractors, suppliers and service providers and integrated sustainable mining plan activities.

How much can you achieve?

If you join us, we’ll want you to stay. And that’s what our people tend to do – because we offer safe, meaningful and exciting work, boundless opportunities, competitive pay and real recognition.

Everyone at Anglo American has talent, and we’ll work hard to help you show just how much you can achieve.

There are opportunities for everyone. It could be your chance to pick up basic literacy and numeracy, or gain valuable mining skills. Or, you could be taking part in one of the many programmes we have in place to develop our future leaders.

A fair deal for our people

By joining the UN Global Compact. we’ve made a strong commitment to everyone who works for us.

You can read our Communication of Progress on the Global Compact website.

In line with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) core conventions, we support and work together with labour unions. We are committed to eliminating discrimination, inhumane treatment, child and forced labour, harassment and intimidation wherever we operate.

About 72% of our permanent workforce is represented by work councils, trade unions, or other bodies and agreements, and in the UK, we are an accredited Living Wage employer.

Fighting HIV/AIDS

The HIV/AIDS epidemic is a global challenge, affecting all our operations. It’s both a corporate responsibility and social duty for mining companies to look after employees and their families.

Here you can discover more about the work we are doing to help end the epidemic and learn about how we are supporting employees who are living with this disease.

Learn more about our approach to HIV/AIDS