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Our approach to reporting highlights both the difference we make and the responsible, and transparent way we in which we work.

We publish our Sustainability Report each year, setting out our approach and performance on each risk and opportunity.

Our Annual Report gives further details of our performance across all our operations. We also publish business unit reports on our individual mining operations, and country reports detailing regional activities.

All our reports follow the Global Reporting Initiative’s (GRI) recognised standards. We work with the GRI to promote full, transparent reporting as a way for all organisations to support sustainable development.

We also feature on a number of sustainability indexes, such as the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, Carbon Disclosure Project, the Water Disclosure Project, and FTSE4Good.

The targets we set ourselves focus on the different ways we create value. Download our Sustainability Data (2013-2018), Reports, Policies and Standards here.

Offering a responsible choice for investors

We’ve chosen to be included in independent investment indices that benchmark and track the most socially responsible companies.

The International Council of Mining and Metals (ICMM)

The ICMM is an international organisation dedicated to a safe, fair, and sustainable mining and metals industry.

As founder members, we’re committed to following the ICMM reporting framework and 10 Sustainable Development Principles. These set out best practice on ethics, safety, health, conservation, transparency and supporting local communities.

Emerge, Chile

Material issues

The purpose of our Sustainability Report is to give stakeholders all the information they need to make informed decisions about us so we report on those issues or matters that are most material to both us and our stakeholders.

We’re committed to tackling these issues head-on: whether that means keeping our workforce healthy, operating more efficiently, or finding new ways to recycle our resources.

We can’t do it alone, so our approach is all about building partnerships – with governments, communities, and other stakeholders.

Code of conduct

Our Code of Conduct is a single point of reference for everyone associated with us – as well as a gateway to a fuller understanding of our ethical policies and procedures.

It sets out ‘how’ we behave to reinforce our values, and ‘what’ we do to help protect Anglo American’s name, and to make a positive difference.

*The Code of Conduct identifies the standards of conduct that Anglo American expects of its directors, employees, contractors, consultants, suppliers, agents and other business partners in order to promote behaviour consistent with our core values. The existence of the Code of Conduct in itself should not be taken as providing any representation or any other assurance that Anglo American complies with any standard or policy specified, although the Code of Conduct is intended to help support compliance. The Code of Conduct does not create any benefit or rights in favour of, and is not enforceable by, any third party.